Research Articles

Research Articles

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RESEARCH ARTICLE – The Effects of the Emotional Stress Release Technique on Cardiac Parameters

This pilot experiment was carried out to see if holding your forehead known as the emotional stress release (ESR) technique has an effect on cardiac parameters during times of stress. Read full studie here.

RESEARCH ARTICLE – Estimating the accuracy of muscle response

Testing: Two randomised-order blinded


Anne M. Jensen1,2*, Richard J. Stevens1,2 and Amanda J. Burls 3 Abstract Background:

Manual muscle testing (MMT) is a non-invasive assessment tool used by a variety of health care providers to evaluate neuromusculoskeletal integrity, and muscular strength in particular. In one form of MMT called muscle response testing (MRT), muscles are said to be tested, not to evaluate muscular strength, but neural control. One established, but insufficiently validated, application of MRT is to assess a patient’s response to semantic stimuli (e.g. spoken lies) during a therapy session. Our primary aim was to estimate the accuracy of MRT to distinguish false from true spoken statements, in randomised and blinded experiments. A secondary aim was to compare MRT accuracy to the accuracy when practitioners used only their intuition to differentiate false from true spoken statements.

Please click here to read the complete paper.

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