2021 MoA and AGM

The following is a special message from IASK President and Vice-President: “We warmly invite you to our Meeting of Associations and Schools from around the world. This is an important and special time, where IASK creates the space and time for us all to meet and inspire each other, as we build Specialized Kinesiologys’ presence stronger and stronger in each country. Our meeting will be online, allowing for us all to connect. Please let us know if you are able. We would love to have you.
We also plan to hold separate online meetings for Associations, Schools and our General Members to inspire and discuss their individual concerns prior to our large meeting in August.”

Meeting of Associations: 18 August 2021, 13:00 – 16:00pm CET, Online
IASK AGM 18 August 2021, 16:30 CET, Online – ZOOM

What is it?

The Meeting of Associations is designed to bring together representatives from the Boards of different national associations. We use this time to learn more about Specialized Kinesiology around the world, help each other move forward and co-operate on large projects that can have global impact for our field.

The first MoA took place in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2014 and was an amazing success! As these meetings have continued we are establishing a culture of trust and communication that can help us all to advance.

National associations who are interested in participating can contact the Board for more information on the next meeting – we would love to have you join us! If you are a member of IASK, login to find more information on some of the projects we are working on right now and to see if there is a committee you would like to help with.