Board member Marianne E Henne, Norway

“Why am I active in IASK?”

I believe in the strenght of sharing and caring. I want to contribute to a broader understandind fo health. I believe that our emotions, thoughts and our physical body are so integrated that in order to help people, we need to consider all of these aspects of health. The answer, as I see it, is Kinesiology.

“About me as a kinesiologist, my business”

Working full time with kinesiology for 22 years, I‘ve gained experience and understanding of the complexity of human health helps me (understand peoples problems and) contribute to peoples health. I never stop being curious and that may be my strenght. I’ve constructed a sytem that intregrates all of this, The Neuro-muscular stimulating, which is in daily use in my clinic, and by several other therapists in Norway. This combines kinesiology with massage therapy.

 When I’m not working, thinking and dreaming kinesiology, I’m busy admiring nature! Hiking, mountain climbing, padeling, biking, I spend as much time outdoors as possible, It gives me the inspiration and energy I need to work up to 40 hours a week with the occupation I love!