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IASK is an international membership association of active Kinesiologists coming together as friends and associates, who convey the spirit and ideals of Kinesiology. IASK brings together practitioners of all forms and modalities of Kinesiology.

The goals of IASK are:

  • to establish the professional image of Kinesiology worldwide
  • to offer a platform for international exchange of personal and professional experiences
  • to organize international conferences and meetings
  • to be a forum for the introduction and discussion of new Kinesiology techniques
  • to provide guidance to allow practitioners to assume their personal responsibility, based on the IASK Code of Ethics.

The members of IASK support, inspire and enrich each other in their own personal development and professional work. The abundance of knowledge and experience worldwide can, through sharing, become an invaluable source of productivity and creative growth.

IASK – Code of Ethics

In the conduct of my business, I, as an IASK Member, commit to the following Principles:

  • I work with my clients in integrity and uphold professional confidentiality.
  • I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat unless I have a license to do so.
  • I use muscle-testing for bio-feedback purposes related to client education.
  • I act in a manner that reflects my respect and esteem for my clients, students and colleagues.
  • I take responsibility for my continued growth and development.

Conditions of Membership to IASK

In accordance with the IASK bylaws, there are some new categories of membership [Art. 6 a].

1. Student Membership

Student membership is for those who have just begun their discovery of Specialized Kinesiology and Muscle Response Testing. Students may take advantage of one year free membership. After that time, they have the option to continue with another level of membership (eg: upgrading to Specialized Kinesiologist Member). Student members do not have the option to vote at the AGM or serve on the Board.

2. Honorary Fellowship

Offered by the Board of Directors for outstanding contribution to IASK and the field of Specialized Kinesiology [Art. 6 a].

3. Specialized Kinesiologist Membership

Open to anyone who uses specialized kinesiology methods with clients and has signed the IASK Code of Ethics. Members of professional membership associations (except schools), which are members of IASK, can become regular members for half the dues of the regular membership fee.

The dues for this category of membership have been set at 40 euros (+ 5% by PayPal) ; 20 euros for members of a professional association that is an associate member of IASK (+ 5% by PayPal).

4. Associate Membership

Open to anyone or to any organization supporting and wishing to contribute to IASK`s work and aims [Art. 6 a] .

An association or an organization which becomes a member because it wants to support and contribute to IASK’s aims can do so, for example by helping its members pay their dues (by pooling the dues in order to avoid multiple bank charges for very small amounts), by encouraging its members to join IASK, by helping in the translation of the Newsletter and other documents, by sending information about what’s currently happening in their country that could have an impact on practitioners or the recognition of Specialized Kinesiology …)

The dues for this category of membership have been set at 100 euros (+ 5% by PayPal).

5. Professional Specialized Kinesiologist Membership:

For those who have dedicated significant time and resources to the study and practice of Specialized Kinesiology. Those applying for this tier of membership show 500+ hours of recognized study and courses in the SK field and related subjects (eg: anatomy and physiology, nutrition, etc.)

The dues for this category of membership have been set at 40 euros (+ 5% by PayPal) ; 20 euros for members of a professional association that is an associate member of IASK (+ 5% by PayPal).

6. Supporting Membership

Open to students and retired specialized kinesiologists.

The dues for this category of membership have been set at 20 euros (+ 5% by PayPal).

– Only regular and honorary members shall have the right to vote. [Art. 6 b].

– Membership shall be deemed to have lapsed if a member notifies the Board of Directors in writing of his or her intention to resign, or if a member’s dues remain unpaid at the end of three months. [Art. 6 c].

– Dues shall be set by the Board of Directors at least six (6) months in advance. They are payable within thirty (30) days following reception of the call from the treasurer [Art. 7 b]

– Membership may be terminated if the Board decides that a member has acted contrary to the purpose or the Code of Ethics of the Association. The member concerned may ask to appear before the Board of Directors in order to appeal the decision. [Art. 6 d].

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Paying with PayPal (add 5% for costs)

Specialized Kinesiologist and Professional Membership

Associate Membership

Specialized Kinesiologist and Professional Membership (for members of Associate Members of IASK) and Supporting Membership