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Adam H. Lehman
Address: 94954
Long Description:

Modalities used: Holographic Touch for Health, Touch For Health (TFH), Applied Physiology, One Brain, Total Body Modification (TBM), Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.), Transformational Kinesiology, Blueprint, LEAP, PKP, Hugo Tobar, SIPS,  Polarity Reflex Analysis, Naturopathic graduate of Clayton School, graduate of Swedish Institute (NYC) Massage (licensed in NY).

Modalities taught: Become a BioLinguist Program (Originator, many courses), Holographic TFH (Originator), TFH, Applied Physiology, Brain Integration 1.

Agnes Domby
Long Description:

Modalities used: TFH I-IV.   Wellness Kinesiology

Other qualifications: anesthesiology assistant

Egészségügyi végzettségemet 2002.-ben kiegészítettem a kineziológia Touch for Health és a Stress release ágaival, mely a távol-keleti gyógyászatra, Dr Selye János stressz kutatásaira, és az amerikai Dr Wayne W. Topping Welness kineziológiájára alapul.

A stresszek feltárását és oldását a kineziológia izomtesztelő módszerével érem el, ami azon alapszik, hogy az életünk folyamán bennünket ért stresszek lenyomata elraktározódik az izmainkban és a sejtjeinkben. Megfelelő technika segítségével a felszínre hozható akár több évtizedes sérelem, fájdalom, elfojtás is.

Tanulmányaim többféle megoldást is kínálnak a feltárt okok megszüntetésére. Ezek között fontos szerepe van a pozitív érzelmek felerősítésének, a testünket behálózó meridiánok ballanszírozásának, a csakra energiaközpontok helyreállításának, és a Bach cseppeknek. A kitesztelt gyógynövény, étrend, életmódváltás is elősegíti a pozitív változások gyorsabb bekövetkezését.

Alexis Costello
Country: ,
Long Description:

Modalities used: TFH, SIPS, GEMS, N.O.T

Modalities taught: TFH Synthesis, TFH Trainer for Costa Rica, SIPS, GEMS

Alexis has been a Touch for Health instructor since 2007 and is now an Instructor Trainer, teaching the next wave of teachers. As one of a small handful of SIPS (Stress Indicator Point System) instructors in the world and the creator of the GEMS program, she travels internationally to speak about and teach these modalities to others. Publisher of the international journal KinesioGeek Magazine, she is striving to help other holistic practitioners succeed.

Alexis is certified in many aspects of holistic healing including herbology, aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, N.O.T (Neural Organizational Technique), Brain Formatting, and massage. Canadian born, she moved in 2016 to Costa Rica with her family to live self-sufficiently in the jungle. Visit www.alexiscostello.com for more information.

www.gemskinesiology.com to subscribe to KinesioGeek Magazine or find out more about GEMS as a modality

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Amanda Lynne Kinesiology
Long Description:

Amanda Lynne is a Level 4 Certified and Registered Kinesiologist with the Australian Kinesiologist Association and a Professional Specialized Kinesiologist of the International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists. She holds a Bachelor of Education, a Certificate IV in Aromatherapy and is trained in 5 Modalities of Kinesiology dating back to 1999 which encompasses:

* Touch For Health I-IV
* Professional Kinesiology Practice (PKP)(I-IV)
* SFEF Kinesiology(I-III)
* Three In One Kinesiology (I-V)
* Neuroenergetic Kinesiology.

Amanda's main objective is assisting clients to identify & transmute their past, present and sub-conscious emotional blocks by combining Kinesiology, Education, Mindfulness Techniques, Meditation, Vibrational Remedies and Client Self-Responsibility Methods.

Her session facilitation assists others to move forward as they Find Freedom, Experience Joy, Embrace Love & & Create Empowerment in their lives.

Short Description: kinesiologist (transpersonal kinesiology), brain gym® instructor, mother and animal fanatic- putting the best of life together through kinesiology
Long Description:

methods used: Brain Gym®, Edu-K, LifeLines (biography work), TfH, psych. kinesiology methods and educational kinesiology methods

Asociación de profesionales de Kinesiología y TFH de España
Address: 08160
Short Description: The KINESIOLOGY ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONALS AND TFH OF SPAIN (APKE) was founded in 1992, moreover it is recognized as the representative / affiliate in Spain for:
• IKC International Kinesiology College of TFH® since 1992
• The International Brain Gym® Foundation since 2011, currently through Breakthroughs International
• RMTi Rhythmic Movement International since 2017
• Association of Professional Therapists since 2017
Long Description:

In 1998 APKE organized the first international Kinesiology congress in Spain and in 2012 offered support for the second international Kinesiology congress.
Its main purposes and activities are:
• Promotion and dissemination of kinesiology as a method of self-awareness and an educational system that improves the quality of life.
• Provide and facilitate the development of a social and legal framework for the exercise and development of kinesiology.
• Offer a framework and function as an entity that brings together those who practice kinesiology, both as consultants, individual sessions, teachers or instructors. Supporting its dissemination through: talks, conferences, workshops, courses, seminars.
Sectorial affiliates to APKE:
• Association of Instructors and Practitioners of Educational Kinesiology - Brain Gym of Spain.
• Kinesiology of Behavior and Human Relationships.
• Professionals of Complementary, natural or alternative Therapies.
• RMTi Rhythmic Movement International.
The Association is a network for all those who work or enjoy Kinesiology as a valid personal growth system and acts as a federation integrating different modalities, methodologies and disciplines within kinesiology, contemplating the holistic and global vision of well-being and health.

Website Address: http://www.apke.es
Association of Hungarian Kinesiologists
Address: 1154
Short Description: Magyarországi Kineziológusok Szövetsége
Long Description:

Members of our association are participating on available updates and continuously developing their skills.
The board of the Association:
President – Mrs. Greta Balajthy
Secretary – Mrs. Zita Vadler
Supervisory Board Chairwoman – Mrs. Ilona Várhidi
Financial Manager – Mrs. Kata Mácsik

In case of any questions please contact:
Mrs.Greta Balajthy
Mrs.Andrea Escher
KNOCK 2001 have been held in Kecskemét, Hungary.
It has been a great honor for the Association of Hungarian Kinesiologists to
have the opportunity to organize the World Congress of Kinesiologists called:
Kinesiology Necessity Of Contact Kecskemét 2001
The Director of the Congress was Zsuzsanna Köves.

CanBeWell name logo
Short Description: As champions for personal choice in health and wellness, our members work together, encouraging ongoing professional development in the field of BioEnergetic Wellness, to better provide services and education to the public.
Long Description:

Purpose: We are a not-for-profit Association. Our purpose is to: serve and support our members in pursuit of knowledge and skill development; provide regular networking opportunities for members – sharing information, ideas, resources and inspiration; set Standards of Practice for bioenergetic wellness throughout Canada; promote and inform the public about their opportunities to choose and include bioenergetic wellness in personal quality of life choices. advocate for bioenergetic wellness to ensure choice for all Canadians – at provincial and federal levels of government; and collaborate with other bioenergetic wellness organizations (‘Partner Organization’).

Website Address: https://canbewell.org/
DGAK (Professional Kinesiologists in Germany)
Long Description:
In February 2000 DGAK established a professional apprenticeship. The group of developers was comprised of owners of institutes and “normal” members. The content is based on personal development and self-improvement for the client. The achieved knowledge is about pedagogy, communication, psychology, stress reduction, health prevention. They created a three-year apprenticeship divided in three parts. After the last exam the participant completed/will complete 600 kinesiology hours in classroom training and an additional minimum of 600 hours of self-studying.
At the moment there are five institutes in Germany offering this DGAK apprenticeship.
The DGAK creates and monitors the apprenticeship and is part of every final exam with one DGAK
auditor. After the exam the examinee has the opportunity to be DGAK member Level 3 BK-DGAK. BK
(Begleitende Kinesiologie) DGAK shows the high degree of the three-year apprenticeship.
Medizinisch - Therapeutische Kinesiologie DGAK (Medical - Therapeutical Kinesiology DGAK)
Since 2005 DGAK supports education for physicians, dentists, natural healers (German Heilpraktiker),
physiotherapists, midwifes and assistance personnel (according to the German law).
200 hours of kinesiology (150 hours classroom training, 50hours for writing 18 case studies and thesis).
The final exam is supervised by a DGAK auditor and one representative of the professional association.
After the exam the examinee has the opportunity to be DGAK member minimum Level 1 MTK-DGAK
(depends on attested kinesiology hours).
DGAK membership:
Actually we are 780 members, 730 active and 50 passive (sponsor, apprentice, retiree)
Level 1
To become a member of DGAK every person needs a minimum of 150 hours of kinesiology and a
personal supervision with one of the 17 supervisors of our organization (Level 1). For every level the
intended member has to present 20 hours of exercise, 20 hours of personal process and 20 hours of
giving balances.
Level 2
The next step as shown on the DGAK website is Level 2 with 300 hours of kinesiology and the same
procedure as for the first level.
Level 3
Contains 500 hours of kinesiology and the mentioned 3x20 hours papers plus the writing of 18 case
studies and a certificate about communication techniques. The validated seminars are listed on a course
list. The courses are divided in
1. Historical courses (TFH, BG etc.)
2. Established course on the international market (5 years on the market with minimum 150 participants).
3. Additional courses (accepted by market by teaching minimum three times with 25 participants).
These members are professional kinesiologists by using kinesiology in addition to their
occupation or to build up their own kinesiology existence in part or full time.
It is our intention to be a forum for all kinds of kinesiologists.
Our professional situation:
1. Kinesiology gets more and more accepted by society
2. Kinesiology is divided in personal development and medical-therapeutical directions by law

      a. Self-improvement, personal development, new ways of pedagogy and therapeutically alternative ways           plus health prevention are booming so there is definitely a future of our method

      b. Physicians and natural healers insert kinesiology in their profession
3. Some insurance companies accept kinesiology as a prevention method
4. Public health department, insurance for professional liability for example accepts kinesiology

For more please click here!
Website Address: http://www.dgak.de/
Dr.h.c. Ilona Várhidi
Address: 1142
Short Description: Modalities used: One Brain, Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Stress Release, Numerology, Holistic Draw
Modalities taught: One Brain , Numerology, Holistic Draw
Long Description:

A few words on Sub Rosa and Kinesiology
In October 1996 Sub Rosa Ability Developing Center was founded with the objective to help people in resolving their different problems and to make the methods of Three In One Concepts – One Brain, Touch For Health, Stress Release, Numerology (Personality analysis on grounds of numbers), Holistic Drawing Course ( developing our creativity) known also in Hungary.
I am Ilona Várhidi, Kinesiology trainer since 1994, skilled One Brain trainer, acknowledged international Three In One facilitator, Touch for Health master instructor, Stress Release – Wellness consultant, Numerologist, REIKI Master, Holistic Drawing Teacher, since 1985 member of Association of Hungarian Creative Artists, since 2005 authorized Mataphysical Special Life Management Consultant acknowledged by International and Hungarian Scientific Metaphysical Training and Research Institute and Association – special advisor –, I help in learning these methods.
I train in basic and advanced level courses on One Brain methodology, mini courses listed below, Holistic Artist Training and personality analysis methodology of Numerology. There is also a new course edited by me, I am authorized to train it with the approval of Three In One Concepts. It is named “Beyond Time”.
Recently I work together with several highly skilled trainers with the goal of accomplishing our original objectives. We help people in getting back their openness to changes and ability to change so that they can accomplish their objectives both in their outer and inner lives.
We can help those who are ready to change and to open towards themselves and to let “wellness” into themselves. Change is a process. As Lao-ce says: “Each 1000 km begins with one step”.
This step is the most difficult to do because first we have to change ourselves to it.
You can find me on: Facebook-Personal page
Subrosa Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/subrosa.training.center/

Website Address: Subrosa.hu