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Helena Argüelles
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Modalities used: TFH, Classical Kinesiology, Cyberkinetics, Vibrational Healing, Sound Essences, Bach Flowers

Modalities taught: TFH Synthesis, TFH Proficiency, TFH Metaphors, TFH Training Workshop, TFH Training Workshop, Sound Essence, Expanding the 4 Realms

Other qualifications: Full time Teacher and Practitioner of Kinesiology since 2002, TFH Trainer for UK, TFH Mentor, Kinesiology Federation Mentor, Kinesiology Federation Advanced Practitioner, International Kinesiology College Professional Kinesiologist, BA in modern languages, Owner of UK Kinesiology Shop


Business Website Address: http://www.essentialtimeout.com
Kamilla Weightman
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Modalities used: One Brain (Three in One Concepts), Nutritionist, Recall Healing, Bach Remedies, Aura Soma, Schuessler salts, Neurology, Reiki, Energy Healing

“The real causes of disease are such as: Fear, Ignorance, Grief, Impatience, Terror, Doubt… These if we allow them, will reflect themselves in the body causing what we call disease. Not understanding the real causes, we have attributed disharmony to external influences, germs, cold, heat and given names to the results, arthritis, cancer, asthma, etc.; thinking that disease begins in the physical body.” (Dr.E.Bach)

The wide range of kinesiology’s toolkit will help us find the ongoing emotional processes and behavioural chain in ourselves, supporting us in order to be able to let them go to achieve a better life. If our mind (both hemispheres) work in harmony we are able to notice the opportunities in life, we feel at peace and tranquil. Only in this case we can accept things as they are and find solutions for the unexpected when those arise.

Member of British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association

Business Website Address: http://kinesioart.info
Miranda Linden Welton
Address: CO2 0JY
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Short Business Description: Modalities used: TFH, Progressive Kinesiology, Flower Remedies, Tuning Forks, Test Kits, Aura Remedies, Energy Remedies.
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I first came across kinesiology in 1993 and it was love at first balance. It answers so many questions and ticks so many boxes. Since being a client myself I went on to train, having seriously considered Naturopathy training before coming across Kinesiology. To me it is the whole package, dealing with our physical, our emotions, our chemical issues, our structural concerns, our energy – our life essence. I feel that kinesiology really is the language of the body, it helps us find our centre and makes sense of all those things that niggle – that annoy us but are not bad enough to make us ill, and it helps us find ways to relieve these niggles. It’s about finding the way for an individual to help restore harmony, balance and a sense of self. Modalities taught: TFH Instructor Workshop, Balanced Health, Eastern School of Kinesiology, I originally trained with the Eastern School of Kinesiology, which was mainly Systematic Kinesiology (ASK), and then undertook TFH, some Wellness K, AK and HK workshops. I now use my own kinesiology as my main work modality. Workshops and CPD include Nutrition, Counselling Skills.

Other qualifications: Practitioner of Kinesiology since 1995, TFH Instructor since 1999, Kinesiology Trainer since 2001. Principal of the Progressive Kinesiology Academy UK and Head of Kinesiology in the UK. Kinesiology Federation Mentor, Kinesiology Federation Practitioner and Instructor, International Kinesiology College Professional Kinesiologist, Internal and External Verifier, RSA in Business Studies. Other modalities I offer include Reflexology, Reiki, Scenar, LIFE Bio-Resonance Feedback System, Indian Head Massage, Bowen, Holistic SKN-RG Facials. I make Aura Remedies and Energy Kits.


Business Website Address: www.progressive-kinesiology.co.uk
Gabriela Seifert
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Modalities Taught: Three in One, Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Neuropressur ( David Corby), RESET, BNT, Kinergetics, and my own developed Seminar teeth spotting (Gabriela Seifert)

Modalities Used: All of the above, plus Brain Formatting, Entwicklungskinesiologie (Renate Wennekes), Testing Nutrition and my own developed modalities

Qualifications in other areas: Master of Science, Civil Engineer, Reiki Master, Specialised in Nutrition

Other Information: Seminars in friendly and welcoming atmosphere, regular guest lecturers, low priced accommodation, caring hosting

Business Website Address: http://www.gs-kinesiologie.de