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One Brain

Adam H. Lehman
Address: 94954
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Modalities used: Holographic Touch for Health, Touch For Health (TFH), Applied Physiology, One Brain, Total Body Modification (TBM), Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.), Transformational Kinesiology, Blueprint, LEAP, PKP, Hugo Tobar, SIPS,  Polarity Reflex Analysis, Naturopathic graduate of Clayton School, graduate of Swedish Institute (NYC) Massage (licensed in NY).

Modalities taught: Become a BioLinguist Program (Originator, many courses), Holographic TFH (Originator), TFH, Applied Physiology, Brain Integration 1.

Business Website Address: http://www.kinesiohealth.com
Annemarie Goldschmidt
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Modalities used: One Brain, TFH, Brainwave  , DNA 1 & 2, Blueprint, Healing Principles, Applied Physiology, Beginning of Understanding Kinesiology, Seeing Things Differently, Kinesiopathy, Go With the Flow

Modalities taught: One Brain, TFH, Brainwave 1 & 2, DNA 1 & 2, Blueprint 1 & 2, Healing Principles, Beginning of Understanding Kinesiology

Business Website Address: http://www.kinesiologiuddannelse.dk
Business Fax: +45-39673838
Greta Balajthy
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Short Business Description: Modalities used: One Brain, Numerology, Children’s class Training
Modalities taught: One Brain, Children’s class Training
“The problem” is never the problem.
 The problem is how we feel about “the problem.” 

Advanced Facilitator, Advanced Instructor and Short program Instructor
with international certificate officially authorized by 3in1 Concepts.

Since 2010 Supervisory Board Chairwoman of Association of  Hungarian  Kineziologists
Since 2011 member of International Association of Specialized Kineziologists.
Between 2014 and 2017 Vice President of International Association of Specialized Kineziologists.
You can contact me here: http://www.mosoly100.hu/contact
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We help people in
-getting back their openness and ability to change so that they can
accomplish their goals.
-reminding them that we ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE!
(Even if we do not choose anything that means that we have chosen “not to choose”!)

Change is a process. As Lao-ce says: “Each 1000 km begins with one step”.

This step is the most difficult to make, but if we see our goal and it really motivates us, we can use this energy to fulfill our dreams!

Using both of our brain hemispheres we can find our own answers on
“how” to make this happen.
More you can find on my website: http://www.mosoly100.hu/content/english
Articles on Hungarian: http://www.mosoly100.hu
Articles on English: http://awareness-today.blogspot.com/
Articles on Russian: http://osoznanye.blogspot.com/

Business Website Address: www.kineziologusok.com
Business Fax: +3614000865
Ilona Varhidi
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Modalities used: One Brain, Touch for Health, Brain Gym, Stress Release, Numerology, Holistic Draw

Modalities taught: One Brain , Numerology, Holistic Draw
A few words on Sub Rosa and Kinesiology
In October 1996 Sub Rosa Ability Developing Center was founded with the objective to help people in resolving their different problems and to make the methods of Three In One Concepts – One Brain, Touch For Health, Stress Release, Numerology (Personality analysis on grounds of numbers), Holistic Drawing Course ( developing our creativity) and Mandala of Life known also in Hungary.
I am Ilona Várhidi, Kinesiology trainer since 1994, skilled One Brain trainer, acknowledged international Three In One facilitator, Touch for Health master instructor, Stress Release – Wellness consultant, Numerologist, REIKI Master, Holistic Drawing Teacher, since 1985 member of Association of Hungarian Creative Artists, since 2005 authorized Mataphysical Psychoterapeutist acknowledged by International and Hungarian Scientific Metaphysical Training and Research Institute and Association – special advisor –, I help in learning these methods.
I train in basic and advanced level courses on One Brain methodology, mini courses listed below, Holistic Artist Training and personality analysis methodology of Numerology. There is also a new course edited by me, I am authorized to train it with the approval of Three In One Concepts. It is named “Beyond Time”.
Recently I work together with several highly skilled trainers with the goal of accomplishing our original objectives.We help people in getting back their openness to changes and ability to change so that they can accomplish their objectives both in their outer and inner lives.
We can help those who are ready to change and to open towards themselves and to let “wellness” into themselves.Change is a process. As Lao-ce says: “Each 1000 km begins with one step”.

This step is the most difficult to do because first we have to change ourselves to it.

You can find me on: Facebook-Personal page
Subrosa Facebook page


Inge Harris
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Modalities used: One Brain (Three in One Concepts), TFH, Kinergetics, Applied Physiology, Healing Principles, Kinesiopathy, YinYang, Biokinesiology, Applied Kinesiology

Business Website Address: http://www.ingeharris.dk
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Modalities used: One Brain, Touch For Health, Stress Release, Edu – K, Hellinger Therapy, Spiritual Radix

Modalitites taught: One Brain, Touch For Health, Stress Release, Edu – K, Spiritual Radix

A kineziológia 1991. őszén került először hazánkba. Felismerve ennek jelentőségét, az első csoporttal kezdtem el tanulmányaimat. 1992.-ben Magyarországon elsőként hoztam létre egy kineziológiával foglalkozó Stúdiót, mely az óta is sikeresen működik. Az évek során nagy tapasztalatra tettem szert, mivel a mai napig, folyamatosan oldom a segítségért hozzám fordulókat. Oldásaim száma mára meghaladja a húszezret.

Időközben a One Brain, Touch For Health, Stress Release, Edu – K kineziológiai ágaknak nemzetközi oktatója lettem. Büszke vagyok sok sikeres tanítványomra.

Tiszteletbeli elnöke vagyok a Magyarországi Kineziológusok Szövetségének, melynek alapító tagja, és a kineziológus társaim bizalmából 18 éven át elnöke voltam.

Alkotóként közreműködtem a kineziológia egy új ágának létrehozásában, amely magában foglalja a kineziológia alapjait, az antropozófiai nézeteket, a pszichológiát és az asztrológiát. A módszert 2001-ben a Magyarországi Kineziológiai Világtalálkozón mutattuk be, ami a “Spirituális Radix” nevet kapta


Business Website Address: http://phoenixstudio.eu/nyitolap
Kamilla Weightman
Business Genre: ,
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Modalities used: One Brain (Three in One Concepts), Nutritionist, Recall Healing, Bach Remedies, Aura Soma, Schuessler salts, Neurology, Reiki, Energy Healing

“The real causes of disease are such as: Fear, Ignorance, Grief, Impatience, Terror, Doubt… These if we allow them, will reflect themselves in the body causing what we call disease. Not understanding the real causes, we have attributed disharmony to external influences, germs, cold, heat and given names to the results, arthritis, cancer, asthma, etc.; thinking that disease begins in the physical body.” (Dr.E.Bach)

The wide range of kinesiology’s toolkit will help us find the ongoing emotional processes and behavioural chain in ourselves, supporting us in order to be able to let them go to achieve a better life. If our mind (both hemispheres) work in harmony we are able to notice the opportunities in life, we feel at peace and tranquil. Only in this case we can accept things as they are and find solutions for the unexpected when those arise.

Member of British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association

Business Website Address: http://kinesioart.info
Mónika Szokán
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Modalities used: One Brain, Children’s Class Training

Modalities taught: One Brain, Children’s Class Training

I’m Mónika Szokán, 3in1 Concepts Advanced & Short Program Instructor, Advanced Consultant Facilitator.

I started to learn Three In One Concepts’ in 2002.My first teacher was Ilona Várhidi, founder of the Sub Rosa Center where I am a member now.
In 2008 I took part in the instructor training supervised by Gabriele Ulbrich.
Since then I have been teaching One Brain basic courses.
In 2010 I became an Advanced Instructor, so now I’m instructing advanced One Brain classes up to level VII.

In addition to that, with a great pleasure I teach many short programs too.
Many of my students became instructors by now, and I am very proud of them.
In 2008 I finished Children Class training and have already supervised several children courses. To work with children for me is not only a special task but always a new opportunity for learning.


Szokán Mónika vagyok a 3in1 Concepts Advanced Instructora és Advanced Consultant Facilitátora.

A Three In One Concepts programjait  2002-ben kezdtem elsajátítani.

Első tanárom Várhidi Ilona jelenleg Advanced Trainer a Sub Rosa Képességfejlesztő Központ megalapítója, aminek én is tagja vagyok. Az Instruktor tréninget 2008-ban végeztem el Gabriele Ulbrich Faculty vezetésével. A One Brain alaptanfolyamait azóta tanítom.

2010-ben végeztem el az Advanced Instruktor tréninget, így már felsőfokú tanfolyamokat is tartok a One Brain VII-es szintig.  Emellett számos rövid programot  is oktatok,  mely szintén  nagy öröm számomra. Mára már több oktató került ki a kezem közül, akikre nagyon büszke vagyok

2008-ban végeztem el a  Children Class tréninget, és azóta  több kurzust vezettem már. A gyerekekkel való munka számomra különleges feladat és mindig új tanulási lehetőség is.

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Modalities used: BluePrint- Tous cours d’Educating Alternatives, TFH, One Brain (3en1), PKP, DNA/NEP, BrainGym, Stress Release, HypertonieX, Applied Physiology

Modalities taught: Tous cours d’Educating Alternatives – TFH – One Brain (3en1)

Business Fax: 33(0)680650468
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Modalities used: Three In One Concepts®, One Brain®, Touch for Health

Modalities taught: Three In One Concepts®, One Brain®

Business Website Address: http://www.imkreoz.nl