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United Kingdom

Helena Argüelles
Long Description:

Modalities used: TFH, Classical Kinesiology, Cyberkinetics, Vibrational Healing, Sound Essences, Bach Flowers

Modalities taught: TFH Synthesis, TFH Proficiency, TFH Metaphors, TFH Training Workshop, TFH Training Workshop, Sound Essence, Expanding the 4 Realms

Other qualifications: Full time Teacher and Practitioner of Kinesiology since 2002, TFH Trainer for UK, TFH Mentor, Kinesiology Federation Mentor, Kinesiology Federation Advanced Practitioner, International Kinesiology College Professional Kinesiologist, BA in modern languages, Owner of UK Kinesiology Shop


Joan Morton Kinesiology
Address: BT921BF
Short Description: Kinesiology Practitioner and Instructor for Humans and animals
Long Description:

Joan has practiced kinesiology since 2005 and has worked with both people and animals with amazing results busy clinic in Fermanagh and Travels Ireland Europe to treat Horses.
TFH trainer since 2009 , Neuro Energetic Kinesiology Instructor 2009 , Irish Faculty for NK Institute , Member of NKC board 2019.
joan has developed her own animal kinesiology training ; Morton Method 2020.

Website Address: http://www.joanmorton.com
Address: SW1
Short Description: One Brain Facilitator
with international certificate officially authorized by 3in1 Concepts

Member of Association of Hungarian Kinesiologists

Member of International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists

Member of British Flower & Vibrational Essences Association

You can contact me here: http://www.kinesioart.info
Long Description:

“A ship in harbour are safe, but that is not what ships are built for. “-John A. Shedd

“The real causes of disease are such as: Fear, Ignorance, Grief, Impatience, Terror, Doubt… These if we allow them, will reflect themselves in the body causing what we call disease. Not understanding the real causes, we have attributed disharmony to external influences, germs, cold, heat and given names to the results, arthritis, cancer, asthma, etc.; thinking that disease begins in the physical body.”(Dr.E.Bach)

The wide range of kinesiology’s toolkit will help us find the ongoing emotional processes and behavioural chain in ourselves, supporting us in order to be able to let them go to achieve a better life. If our mind (both hemispheres) work in harmony we are able to notice the opportunities in life, we feel at peace and tranquil. Only in this case we can accept things as they are and find solutions for the unexpected when those arise.

Through the system of One Brain (Three in One concept) we test certain muscles using hand pressure and /or various substances to identify muscle strength.
Each muscle is related to an organ and to a meridian, these form a ‘circuit’.

The muscle strength can reveal to the practitioner whether there are any weaknesses within the body’s systems as the body is connected through energy pathways called ‘circuits’ which due to trauma, illness, extreme stress can ‘turn off ‘. As we gently asses the muscle responses we can pinpoint and identify where, when and what factors contributed to those blocks and imbalances that are impairing our physical, emotional or energetic welfare. Combining muscle testing with the principles of Chinese medicine assessing energy and body functions, whilst using a range of gentle yet powerful techniques, the practitioner reactivates these circuits. The body’s natural healing responses are then stimulated by a wide range of methods and techniques with additional attention to reflex and acupressure points, and by use of specific body movements, exercises, nutritional support, and various flower remedies. These can lead to increased physical mental, emotional and spiritual well-being helping the body to achieve balance again.

Kinesiology is a holistic tool suitable for any age and any physical condition, which addresses the energy blocks within the body that causes concerns to the individual.

Commonly treated problems abdominal pains, allergies, anxiety, Arthritic pains, asthma, backache, bloating, chronic fatigue, colds, constipation, depression, digestive disorders, dizziness, dyslexia, eczema, fears, fibromyalgia, frequent infections, frozen shoulder, headaches, hyperactivity, IBS, intolerance testing, insomnia, joint pain, low self-esteem, migraines, neck problems, phobias, skin complaints, stress, weight problems.

I believe that Nutritional supplements as well as Bach remedies play a vital role within these treatments assisting the individual in a speedy return to a feeling of well-being. The amount of treatments depends on the individual’s issue, how long they have had it and how actively they are willing to participate – usually 2-3 treatments are required.

“Health depends on being in harmony with our souls” (Dr. Edward Bach 1932).

Kinesiology Federation (KF)
Long Description:

We are a Professional Membership Kinesiology Association  with Non-Profit status

KF Policy Board

– Phil Clubley (Chairperson and Comms & Marketing)
– Andy Cawley (Legal)
– Lise McNamara (Strategy)
– Miranda Welton (Training Standards)
– Sandra Cohen (Training Standards)
– Suzanne Lane (Finance)


Linda Belcher
Address: BN41 1WR
Short Description: Systematic Kinesiology treatments and training to Diploma Level
Long Description:

Systematic Kinesiologist since 2006 . Tutor since 2009. Teach the School of Advanced Kinesiology Diploma Syllabus and TASK Foundation syllabus using the Touch for Health book and additional materials. Also practice Advanced Reflexology, Facial Rejuvenation Massage, Swedish Massage and Reiki

Marcia Fletcher
Short Description: Kinesiologist and Touch for Health Instructor
Long Description:

Modalities practiced: Since 2003 Touch for Health, Classical Kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique, Bach Flowers

Modalities taught: Touch for Health modules 1-4

Other qualifications: ONC in Biology, Functional Biochemistry, HNC Business Administration, Diploma in Marketing

Professional bodies: Kinesiology Federation, IASK, Chartered Institute of Marketing

Website Address: Find the Cause