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Asociación de profesionales de Kinesiología y TFH de España
Address: 08160
Short Description: The KINESIOLOGY ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONALS AND TFH OF SPAIN (APKE) was founded in 1992, moreover it is recognized as the representative / affiliate in Spain for:
• IKC International Kinesiology College of TFH® since 1992
• The International Brain Gym® Foundation since 2011, currently through Breakthroughs International
• RMTi Rhythmic Movement International since 2017
• Association of Professional Therapists since 2017
Long Description:

In 1998 APKE organized the first international Kinesiology congress in Spain and in 2012 offered support for the second international Kinesiology congress.
Its main purposes and activities are:
• Promotion and dissemination of kinesiology as a method of self-awareness and an educational system that improves the quality of life.
• Provide and facilitate the development of a social and legal framework for the exercise and development of kinesiology.
• Offer a framework and function as an entity that brings together those who practice kinesiology, both as consultants, individual sessions, teachers or instructors. Supporting its dissemination through: talks, conferences, workshops, courses, seminars.
Sectorial affiliates to APKE:
• Association of Instructors and Practitioners of Educational Kinesiology – Brain Gym of Spain.
• Kinesiology of Behavior and Human Relationships.
• Professionals of Complementary, natural or alternative Therapies.
• RMTi Rhythmic Movement International.
The Association is a network for all those who work or enjoy Kinesiology as a valid personal growth system and acts as a federation integrating different modalities, methodologies and disciplines within kinesiology, contemplating the holistic and global vision of well-being and health.

Website Address: http://www.apke.es
Francesca Simeon Roig
Address: 08160
Short Description: Modalities used: TFH Synthesis, TFH Proficiency, TFH Metaphors, LEAP, Physiology Integrated, Kinergetics, Reset, Psycho-energetic Kinesiology, Kinesiology of behavior and human relationships, Vibrational Healing, Bach Flowers.
Modalities taught: TFH Synthesis, TFH Proficiency, TFH Metaphors, Kinergetics, Reset, etc. With my husband Juan Carlos Monge we developed two forms of work in Kinesiology, “Psycho-energetic Kinesiology” and “Kinesiology of behavior and human relationships” what I teach.
Long Description:

I have known the kinesiology since 1986 and fascinated me from the first balance. Answer so many questions and I have so many resources to help me and accompany others. Since I started working with myself and I changed deeply, I have not stopped learning Kinesiology to grow and to transmit what has served me so much. For me it is to harmonize our physical, our emotions, our chemical problems, our structural concerns, our energy, our vital essence; so treat the person as much as possible.
Other titles: a full-time Kinesiology practitioner since 1988 and Kinesiology professor since 1994, owner and director of Kinesiology Life Kinesiology School. Qualified in MTC. Bachelor in Psychology.

Vida Kinesiologia
Address: 08160
Short Description: vida kinesiologia is an organization committed to training, workshops and group activities, personalized attention, activities for motherhood and natural upbringing, development and marketing of specialized products, as well as promotion in the field of natural therapies based on holistic vision of the health. Offers training in natural therapies oriented to professional activity.
Long Description:

Juan Carlos Monge & Francesca Simeon have been two therapists and trainers with experience in the practice and teaching of kinesiology and other natural therapies since the mid-1980s. They make their dream come true by creating vida kinesiologia in 1997. vida kinesiologia is currently the brand of the company Evolució 98 S.L.
vida kinesiologia was born from his hand with the intention of creating a center dedicated to natural therapies, with special attention to kinesiology, a discipline that connects with all kinds of techniques but deeply rooted in models such as energy psychology and energy medicine, which USA they experience a clear expansion. Natural therapies are increasingly accepted and demanded by society. The organization and the center apply the concepts of the paradigm that the technique implies. In 1998 the construction of the center was decided. Thus, vida kinesiologia, becomes a company of:
• training services
• assistance to trainers
• care services
• edition of specialized material
• complementary services to therapists
• promotion and dissemination of natural and holistic therapies
• student residence for those who need to stay overnight
As a company, the aim is to consolidate the center and position it as a quality benchmark in kinesiology at the national and international level, both in face-to-face training and in the application of ICT, and, at the same time, to be in an economically functional organization that achieves the will of its founders and that operates according to the principles and values of cooperation, responsibility, respect and continuous improvement.
vida kinesiologia aims, through its services, to carry out the following basic actions:
• train professionals in kinesiology and other natural therapies.
• to support professionals in their practice through continuous training that considers the needs and challenges of society.
• disseminate and promote natural therapies, and kinesiology in particular.
• organize and manage entities / actions that facilitate the full normalization of natural therapies in Spain.
• generate collaboration agreements with different entities for the research of kinesiology and the necessary practices of students.
The purpose of these actions is to promote the well-being of individuals and to make a positive contribution to the overall health of the community.
Formations that are taught:
Psycho-energetic Kinesiology
Kinesiology of behavior and human relationships
Brain Gym® – Educational Kinesiology
RMTi® – Training in the Rhythmic Movement
LEAP with Charles Krebs
Physiology Integrated with Marco Rado
Magneto-K with Jordi Gascó
AK-Fusion with Vicenç Claveria
Manual and Energy Techniques
Kinergetics with Philip Rafferty
Recapture the innate potential and Psycho-energetic integrative