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Modalities used: Touch for Health, Edu-K, 3in1 concepts, Wellness K, Cyberkinetics, Applied Physiology, LEAP

Modalities taught: Brain Gym

Athens, Greece, 27 February, 2008

To whom it may concern

I believe that a gathering of like-minded people can do miracles. Also, it is important to safeguard principles of quality, openness, responsibility, visibility and strive for life-long deepening and dissemination of knowledge and learning.

IASK’s code of ethics assures that professionals work to the best of their abilities and follow certain commonly accepted guidelines and principles that I find most important. These principles reassure our clients and foster trust and understanding. IASK also gives information and advice to its members and promotes research and open communication between them.

I find both the Code of Ethics and IASK’s profile highly respected and its goals ones I can fully subscribe to.

For all these reasons, I wish to join IASK and work to the best of my abilities towards promoting what it stands for.

Maria Karakostanoglou,

Business Fax: 00302106005987