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Annemarie Goldschmidt
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Modalities used: One Brain, TFH, Brainwave  , DNA 1 & 2, Blueprint, Healing Principles, Applied Physiology, Beginning of Understanding Kinesiology, Seeing Things Differently, Kinesiopathy, Go With the Flow

Modalities taught: One Brain, TFH, Brainwave 1 & 2, DNA 1 & 2, Blueprint 1 & 2, Healing Principles, Beginning of Understanding Kinesiology

Business Website Address: http://www.kinesiologiuddannelse.dk
Business Fax: +45-39673838
Danske Kinesiologer
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We are a professional membership kinesiology association with non-profit status founded in 1983.

Contact person: Vibeke Sørensen, President

Business Website Address: http://www.danskekinesiologer.dk
Inge Harris
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Modalities used: One Brain (Three in One Concepts), TFH, Kinergetics, Applied Physiology, Healing Principles, Kinesiopathy, YinYang, Biokinesiology, Applied Kinesiology

Business Website Address: http://www.ingeharris.dk