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Association of Hungarian Kinesiologists
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Association of Hungarian Kinesiologists

Magyarországi Kineziológusok Szövetsége

Members of our association are participating on available updates and
continuously developing their skills.

The board of the Association:
President - Mrs. Kata Mácsik
Secretary - Mrs. Tünde Orosi
Supervisory Board Chairwoman - Mrs. Greta Balajthy
Financial Manager - Mrs. Andrea Escher

In case of any questions please contact:
Mrs.Greta Balajthy
Mrs.Andrea Escher
KNOCK 2001 have been held in Kecskemét, Hungary.
It has been a great honor for the Association of Hungarian Kinesiologists to
have the opportunity to organize the World Congress of Kinesiologists called:
Kinesiology Necessity Of Contact Kecskemét 2001

The Director of the Congress was Zsuzsanna Köves.

Business Website Address: http://www.kineziologusok.com
Business Fax: +3614000865
Cater Bearwood IT
Address: GU3 3BY
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Website and IT support company.

Business Website Address: Cater Bearwood IT
Business Fax: 7712834060
Danske Kinesiologer
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We are a professional membership kinesiology association with non-profit status founded in 1983.

Contact person: Vibeke Sørensen, President

Business Website Address: http://www.danskekinesiologer.dk
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Modalities used: Three-In-One, Applied Physiology, Health Kinesiology, Touch for Health, Eden Energy Medicine

Other qualifications: Flower Essences, Essential Oils

Business Website Address: http://innerStarbalancing.com
Business Fax: 541-482-1916
DGAK (Professional Kinesiologists in Germany)
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In February 2000 DGAK established a professional apprenticeship. The group of developers was comprised of owners of institutes and “normal” members. The content is based on personal development and self-improvement for the client. The achieved knowledge is about pedagogy, communication, psychology, stress reduction, health prevention. They created a three-year apprenticeship divided in three parts. After the last exam the participant completed/will complete 600 kinesiology hours in classroom training and an additional minimum of 600 hours of self-studying.

At the moment there are five institutes in Germany offering this DGAK apprenticeship.
The DGAK creates and monitors the apprenticeship and is part of every final exam with one DGAK
auditor. After the exam the examinee has the opportunity to be DGAK member Level 3 BK-DGAK. BK
(Begleitende Kinesiologie) DGAK shows the high degree of the three-year apprenticeship.

Medizinisch - Therapeutische Kinesiologie DGAK (Medical - Therapeutical Kinesiology DGAK)

Since 2005 DGAK supports education for physicians, dentists, natural healers (German Heilpraktiker),
physiotherapists, midwifes and assistance personnel (according to the German law).

200 hours of kinesiology (150 hours classroom training, 50hours for writing 18 case studies and thesis).

The final exam is supervised by a DGAK auditor and one representative of the professional association.
After the exam the examinee has the opportunity to be DGAK member minimum Level 1 MTK-DGAK
(depends on attested kinesiology hours).

DGAK membership:
Actually we are 780 members, 730 active and 50 passive (sponsor, apprentice, retiree)

Level 1

To become a member of DGAK every person needs a minimum of 150 hours of kinesiology and a
personal supervision with one of the 17 supervisors of our organization (Level 1). For every level the
intended member has to present 20 hours of exercise, 20 hours of personal process and 20 hours of
giving balances.

Level 2

The next step as shown on the DGAK website is Level 2 with 300 hours of kinesiology and the same
procedure as for the first level.

Level 3

Contains 500 hours of kinesiology and the mentioned 3x20 hours papers plus the writing of 18 case
studies and a certificate about communication techniques. The validated seminars are listed on a course
list. The courses are divided in

1. Historical courses (TFH, BG etc.)

2. Established course on the international market (5 years on the market with minimum 150 participants).

3. Additional courses (accepted by market by teaching minimum three times with 25 participants).

These members are professional kinesiologists by using kinesiology in addition to their
occupation or to build up their own kinesiology existence in part or full time.
It is our intention to be a forum for all kinds of kinesiologists.

Our professional situation:

1. Kinesiology gets more and more accepted by society
2. Kinesiology is divided in personal development and medical-therapeutical directions by law

      a. Self-improvement, personal development, new ways of pedagogy and therapeutically alternative ways           plus health prevention are booming so there is definitely a future of our method

      b. Physicians and natural healers insert kinesiology in their profession
3. Some insurance companies accept kinesiology as a prevention method
4. Public health department, insurance for professional liability for example accepts kinesiology

For more please click here!

Business Website Address: http://www.dgak.de/
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Modalities used: Cyberkinetics, Educating Alternatives, Applied Physiology, N.O.T., Hyperton – X, Edu – K, PKP, 3 in 1 Concepts, Brain Gym, Wellness Kinesiology, Touch for Health, N.S.T. (Neurostructural Integration Technique), Self-Help (Barhydt), integrated with other main therapeutic alternatives like Craniosacral, Polarity and Sound Therapy, and above all with original research work.

Modalities taught: Cyberkinetics, Educating Alternatives, Edu – K, PKP, Touch for Health, Self-Help (Barhydt), plus more than 16 original workshops by the Academy of Kinesiology.

I am happy to flow with Kinesiology, and share it.

Sono felice di fluire con la Kinesiologia, e di condividerla.

Business Website Address: http://www.accademiadikinesiologia.it
Business Fax: 00 39 1782225802 / 00 39 02 533634
Elena Kostina
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Modalities used: 3in1 Concepts 1-12, Reset 1-2, Kinergetics 1-5, Transforming DNA Memories in Theta&Delta, Touch for Health 1-4, Balancing Nutrition & Toxicity, Educational Kinesiology

Modalities taught: Three in One Concepts 1-4 (www.3in1concepts.us), Reset 1, Touch for Health 1-4

Other Qualifications: Vice President  IPAK, http://www.rusmpak.com/ Вице-президент МПАК



Business Website Address: http://www.kineziology.ru
Elena Vyatchinova Dr.
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Modalities used: Three In One Concepts, TFH, Kinergetics, Reset, Transforming DNA Memories in Theta &Delta

Modalities taught: Three in One Concepts - instructor, (www.3in1concepts.us), Reset - instructor

Other qualifications: Pediatric Doctor, Clinical (Medical) Psychology


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Modalities used: Three In One Concepts, TFH, Kinergetics, Reset, Transforming DNA Memories in Theta &Delta

Modalities taught: Three in One Concepts - instructor, (www.3in1concepts.us), Reset - instructor

Other qualifications: Pediatric Doctor, Clinical (Medical) Psychology