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Oleg Tumshevits

Oleg Tumshevits
Business Name: Oleg Tumshevits
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Modalities used: 3 in 1 concepts, Transforming DNA Memories in Theta and Delta, Sacral Kinesiology

Modalities taught: Sacral Kinesiology

Other qualifications: PhD in medicine, Therapist, Doctor of philosophy and psychology.

Tumshevits Oleg Voldemarovich. Graduated from Krasnoyarsk Medical College in 1977. Qualified as a doctor of medicine at the Krasnoyarsk Medical Academy in 1984. For 16 years worked in an ambulance as a therapist.

After the university was devoted to reflexology, aromatherapy and massage. Have been practicing kinesiology 3 in 1 since 2003.

My first teacher was Treschuk Leonid Iosifovich (Irkutsk). In 2007, in order to make my practice more evidential, I started using Energoinformational Adaptometry that allows us to see energoinformational state of a patient. Since then I have been working on my own modality, called “sacral” kinesiology, because it deals with really deep personal conflicts. I am an active member of European Academy of Natural Sciences, Russian Interregional Professional Association of Kinesiology and a member of International Academy of social technologies.

From 2015 a leader of its Siberian department, in charge of my own center. In 2015 started teaching sacral kinesiology and working on the theory of kinesiology. Author of the tortion resonance theory of kinesiology. Author of many articles, published in magazines and on the websites of different associations and academies (EANS, RIPAK and RNA).

In 2010 was awarded the Phd. in Psychology.

Business Website Address: http://kineziologia.biz/
Business Phone Number: +79607563444
Business Address: Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
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