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Marian Russell

Marian Russell
Business Name: Marian Russell
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Modalities used: Registered Touch for Health Instructor, Brain Formatting, LEAP, SIPS, Hyperton-X, Brain Gym, RESET

Modalities taught: Touch for Health

I am a graduate of the Vienna School for Kinesiology (Wiener Schüle für Kinesiologie).   I am trained in Zdenko Domancic Bioenergy Therapy (http://http://www.domancicmethod.eu/ ) and am a distance student of Donna Eden (have read Energy Medicine, and own nearly all of her video workshops, all of which I have watched)

I am a Level 3 Member of the Austrian Professional Association for Kinesiology (Österreichischen Berufsverband für Kinesiologie). I have a listing in their website (http://www.kinesiologie-oebk.at/index.php?id=81&M_Num=214&B_Land=3).