Using Kinesiology since 2000
Beginning with TfH (instructor) and 3in1
Brain Kinesiology NMK by Irmtraud Große-Lindemann (Instructor 1),
Kinergetics by Ph.Rafferty(Instructor for 1-3)
Marco Rado ´s Kin., Tobar, and others,
Neurotraining by A. Verity an some Instructor Licenses
Integrated Healing by van Dyk

Clinic/ Practical since 2005
Being Healpath and Healpath for Psychich Deseases
Universitiy of Tübingen, Diploma Degree in 1981, then working in Human Resources

Living at the Baltic Sea (German Part)


Modalities used: Integrated Healing, Neurotraining, NMK (Neuro Meridian Kinestetik)
Aura Chirurgie, Colour Frequencies, Spagyrik, Other Remedies

Modalities taught: TfH, NMK, Kinergetics, Neuropressur, EDtxM by Gallo

Associations belonged to KAI, BTTI.

About Lee-Anne MacLeod – Vice President of IASK

Lee-Anne’s total love of movement led to a Professional Ballet career, dancing around the world, including with Rudolph Nureyev.

A world champion by 14 yrs, with many state, national titles. She has 4 esteemed Kinesiology industry awards – 2 National Australian and 2 International.

Lee-Anne was forced to retire from her professional ballet career with a broken leg, later developing sever osteoarthritis in both knees. She was in a wheel chair. She researched, developed and found ways to heal her body and mind in a short time. Now having self healed both of her knees, she is enjoying dance again.

Her clinical work: 30 years full time professional natural therapy / kinesiology, Brain Gym clinic. Her curious mind, love of research, teaching and developing techniques, has led to a life of innovation and discovery.

From her life’s work and passion for research, constantly asking the questions; ‘why’ and ‘what is a better, simpler and safe way to help this client.’ Lee-Anne has created her own extensive healing modalities which are accredited in over 28 countries, where practitioners are trained, are able to gain professional registration and insurance to practise clinically. An extra-ordinary and rare achievement in any profession.

Passing on her life’s work and passion of learning in the form of accredited International Diplomas:
       1.  Natural Quantum Healing International Diploma (NQH)
       2.  Specialised International Diploma in Neuro-muscular Dynamic Integrative Health and Learning (NDIH, NDIL), with Neuro-K Kinesiology – all her original modalities and work.

Exciting, innovative, enjoyable and engaging trainings that are:

A synergistic fusion of innovative natural therapies with Neuro-K Kinesiology.

Dip Kin, Dip I.H., Dip NQH, Dip Neuro-K, RSKP Specialised, RAKP Adv, ARAD, CSTD Registered Kinesiology Specialist Practitioner – Level 6
Fellow Member of The Australian Traditional Medicine Association (ATMS) Neuro-Kinesiologist, Mentor

Vice President of International Association of Specialized Kinesiologists (IASK) President/Chair Brain Gym Australia (2004 – 2007)
President of the Australian Kinesiology Association (2006–2008 and 2016–2018)

I feel truly honoured to Love what I do…and do what I Love, i.e. work with people using Touch For Health/Kinesiology.
Learning about TFH changed my life…and people loved the changes that this work brought to them…
I use TFH/Kinesiology at my practice in Stradbroke, Suffolk, UK, guiding people to use the self-responsibility model to empower themselves. I also love teaching students to help them use TFH and in turn help others. As John F.Thie, DC said, ‘passing the light along’…
I discovered TFH many years ago in 1993 when I was working as a massage therapist, and became an IKC Instructor in 1995, and completed my Professional Kinesiology training that year too. It is always a special joy to me when I train students to TFH Proficiency level.
I attended Oxford Brookes University and gained my teaching certificate in 2010 to help further my teaching skills, i.e. as an Assessor and Mentor.
I still am amazed by how TFH can turn people’s lives around, and my quest for learning, and teaching as many students as I can continues…

Modalities Used: Touch for Health, Professional Kinesiology – Perceptual Bodywork, Creative Kinesiology, Massage/BodyKwork, Reflexology, Rhythmic Movement International. 5 Element Posture Reflexes

Modalities Taught: Touch for Health 1 – 4. Touch for Health Proficiency. Touch For Health Metaphors.

TFH Hangout Facilitator
Professional Kinesiology Teacher, Assessor, Mentor

Member of Kinesiology Federation UK, IASK, LCSP Register, CNHC


Ha még mindig keresed azt a személyt, aki megváltoztatná az életedet, vess egy pillantást a tükörbe.” Roman Price

Kovács Andi vagyok, facilitátorként a kineziológia One Brain és Touch for Health ágaival, Bach virágterápiával, spirituális tanácsadással és stresszoldással foglalkozom.

Az „Ugorj a Békákkal” gyermektanfolyam oktatója és a Magyarországi Kineziológusok Szövetségének tagja vagyok. Testünk jelzéseiről, spirituális összefüggésekről, kineziológiai módszerekről rendszeresen tartok előadásokat.

Kineziológiai oldáson, önismereti- és képességfejlesztő tanfolyamaimon, workshopjaimon találkozhatsz velem.