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Good memories from IASK 2014 Conference (May 1-4  Copenhagen, Denmark). 

Date and place of next international meeting of Associations:  Amsterdam,  January 16th, 2016.  For more info please contact the IASK board 

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News from the Board. February 2015

Dear colleagues,


We just held our 2015 Annual General Meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, following the second International Meeting of Professional Associations, under the auspices of IASK. It was a very productive and inspiring day :-)

The Associations’ meeting with representatives from 12 countries was very intense. We worked all day long and felt very encouraged by the warm, open and receptive attitudes of all the participants. We all felt we had made big progress to foster Kinesiology and cooperation between all the national federations of professional Specialized/Energy Kinesiology practitioners. We, at the Board of IASK, feel we are on the right path to fulfill our aims :-)

We are glad to announce that one very concrete proposal from Hanna Van Ebbenhorst Tengbergen,

Netherlands, to adopt an international Kinesiology day was welcome by all delegates in Lisbon. Russia already has one, and Irina Chobanu, the Russian representative at the meeting, demonstrated brilliantly the desirability of choosing a day in the spring. The meeting agreed to launch an International Kinesiology Day, every 3rd Saturday in March.

The first International Kinesiology Day will be held March 21st 2015.

As discussed at the meeting, everyone can pitch in organizing events everywhere, conferences, open doors or information evenings, so that this energy, worldwide, can boost every little effort each one of us makes to foster the development of Specialized/Energy Kinesiology worldwide. We are looking forward to hearing from your ideas for the day, which we can advertise on our Website.

Another concrete result of the meeting was the decision to accept wholeheartedly the proposal to hold the 2016 AGM and Meeting of Associations in the Netherlands. We hope that you will consider spending a few inspiring and relaxing days with us at this event, co-sponsored with our associate member Beroepsvereniging voor Kinesiologie, in Amsterdam, Netherlands, around mid-January 2016!

The IASK Research and Statistics network is now launching the Knee Pain pilot project. If you are interested, please get in touch with your national association to check whether they are participating. The deadline to register for this first pilot project is March, 31st 2015. We intend to start more networks soon. We shall keep you abreast of developments and invite you to join once they get started. Here is the current list of IASK networks:

  1. Legal and regulatory network – Working with the outside world towards recognition
  2. Training and CPD – Continual Professional Development- network
  3. Ethics and code of conduct network
  4. Exchange of information: Common knowledge and Definition database; Database of links to the lists of Modalities – Classes – Speakers – Registered practitioners and instructors etc. already recognized at the national level by Associate members of IASK.
  5. Research; Statistics; Scientific database.


While in Lisbon, we discussed many items, which are of interest to all practitioners. They have now been distributed to the relevant networks and we trust other concrete results will be announced after the 2016 Meeting of Associations. We shall let you know when the full report of the Lisbon proceedings is ready to be uploaded on the website.

Warm regards from the board of IASK!


News from the Board. September 2014

Dear colleagues,

People like us, I mean people working as independents in the caring field, tend to forget to take care of themselves. By becoming a member of IASK, you’ve shown you got your priorities right and you know that meeting, exchanging and sharing with like-minded professionals is very nourishing by and of itself.

You could also choose to come to Lisbon for a w.e. in January and attend the AGM (January 17th). We are sure you will enjoy the break … and Lisbon and the Portuguese are so lovely :-)

We are preparing our next Meeting of Associations and AGM, which will be held in beautiful Lisbon (Portugal). We shall meet at a very nice venue: Hotel VIP Eden, enjoying special low season prices. It is located in the center of Lisbon, very close to all the main attractions and surrounded by lovely and cheap little restaurants ( Quoting Alexis Costello in the article mentioned below: “I met so many wonderful people at this meeting and at the Conference that followed and I am looking forward to seeing some of them again in January in Lisbon. We hope you can join us there!”

Alexis, Canadian member of our board, has written about her experience in Copenhagen:Link to full text in the downloadable September Newsletter below.

“I had always thought that my first trip to Europe would be something romantic; a trip with my husband through the canals of Venice, the view from the Eiffel Tower and all those other touristy clichés. Instead, it took me to Denmark to meet my peers at IASK’s first Meeting of Professional Associations of Specialized Kinesiology and I’m so glad that it did!

On April 30, 2013 representatives from fifteen different associations gathered in order to connect, see what challenges SK practitioners from other countries were experiencing and compare notes for how we can all move forward to keep this International Association alive and well… Link to full text in the downloadable September Newsletter below.

Warm regards from the Board of IASK


IASK: a FORUM for all nationalities and all modalities

IASK was founded in the USA in 1987 on the idea of creating a worldwide organisation for everybody working with the art of muscle testing / muscle monitoring. IASK is YOUR organisation.

In the Bylaws of IASK you will find this definition: “Specialized Kinesiology is the art of assessing the energetic systems of a person by using precision muscle testing as a biofeedback mechanism. Using the same feedback and Specialized Kinesiology methods, a Specialized Kinesiologist
identifies appropriate protocols for promoting, restoring and maintaining balance within these energetic systems. The Practitioner uses an educational model to improve his/her clients’ awareness and willingness to foster their own wellbeing.”

As a group of IASK members wrote at the General Meeting in 2000 in Holland: “The abundance of knowledge and experience worldwide can, through sharing, become an invaluable source of productivity and creative growth. The members of IASK inspire and enrich each other in their own personal development and professional work.”

By reading this you might feel encouraged to register as an IASK member. We suggest that you do so either as a regular member, an associate member or a supporting member. You can get all the details on the page “Join us” and the Membership form and Code of Ethics from the “Downloads” page. You just need to send us your information and the signed “Code of Ethics” together with your payment, and you will receive a membership certificate from the IASK Home office! Easy!

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you and your friends as members.

What is a FORUM?

The objective of a forum is to deepen every participant’s thinking process in order to find solutions or to help develop new concepts. It is based on the active contribution of all participants. Each person in turn gets a chance to voice his or her ideas without being interrupted. Of course you can pass your turn at any time. No one is to react to what has been said before. No side conversations will be allowed.

A very important condition for a forum to be successful is that no one feels judged or attacked about his/her ideas. When taking their turn, participants do not make reference to what has been said before. Phrases such as :”I don’t agree with Andrew because …”, or “Just like Jean, I think that …” are strictly forbidden. They do not add anything and are time consuming, especially if Andrew or Jean does not recognize the words he/she had spoken. Everybody gets hot and starts thinking about things that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. Active and respectful listening creates a safe environment where everyone feels recognized and, as we all know, when there is no stress, self-consciousness tends to disappear and creativity is at its best.

If time permits, each participant gets 2 or more opportunities to share his or her thinking as it evolves, fed as it is by what other participants say. This iterative process is a very productive and effective way of finding the best solution in a very consensual way. If you have never had the experience, I strongly recommend that you try it out at your next professional meeting.


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