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Dr. Dallas Hancock
Address: 33604
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First Kinesiology course:  1973

Modalities Used:  CranioSomatic Therapy, chiropractic techniques (diversified, Sacro Occipital, Applied Kinesiology)

Organizations: TFH, CANASK, ICAK, SOTO-USA

Dr. Hancock is a Chiropractic Physician who specializes in cranial techniques.  He has spent more than thirty years investigating the relationships between sutural restrictions (both individual and global), cranial sphenobasilar patterns, and patterns of inhibited muscle function.  His extensive use of kinesiology led him to identify two cranial patterns whose neuromusculoskeletal compensations contribute significantly to the structural and functional asymmetry of the human body.  These cranial patterns, which appear to be universally present in the general population, result in chronic global imbalances in posture and muscle function.

Dr. Hancock has developed specific cranial techniques to release these cranial patterns and their associated compensatory neuromusculoskeletal patterns.  In addition to providing an effective method of balancing muscle function, correction of these chronic patterns will provide immediate and long-term changes to the difficult-to-resolve chiropractic SOT Categories 1 & 2, and the osteopathic Common Compensatory Pattern (CCP).

Dr. Hancock has been lecturing and presenting workshops on cranial treatment procedures since 1989 and currently offers CranioSomatic workshops for healthcare professionals in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia through Hancock CranioSomatic Institute.  These workshops present the relationships between cranial dysfunctions and muscle function throughout the body.  The Foundation workshops present easily-learned techniques suitable for many practitioners.  The advanced courses teach licensed health care providers how to release chronic neuromusculoskeletal patterns to make immediate and long-term improvements in posture and function.