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United Kingdom

Helena Argüelles

Modalities used: TFH, Classical Kinesiology, Vibrational Healing, Sound Essences, Bach Flowers

Modalities taught: TFH, TFH Proficiency, TFH Metaphors, Expanding the 4 Realms

Other qualifications: Massage, reflexology, reiki, first aid, BA in modern languages, TFH Instructor Trainer Apprentice for the UK


Kinesiology Federation (KF)

We are a Professional Membership Kinesiology Association  with Non-Profit status

KF Policy Board

Sue Keeping (Chairperson) -sue@natcare.co.uk

Andy Cawley (Legal) -kinesiologyinwales@yahoo.co.uk

Linda Hoyland (Training Standards) -lindahoyland@hotmail.co.uk

Rachel Lead (Training Standards) -rachelpbck@gmail.com

Jackie Belton (Comms & Marketing) -jackie@jackiebelton.co.uk

Louise Cooke (Finance) -louise.c.cooke@gmail.com

Marcia Fletcher

Modalities used: Classical kinesiology, Emotional Freedom Technique, Touch for Health

Modalities taught: Touch for Health and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Other qualifications: Marketing, Economics, Accounting, Organizational Psychology, Laboratory Science

Rachel Lead

Modalities used: Touch for Health, Perceptual Bodywork/Creative Kinesiology. Remedial Massage.

Modalities taught: Touch for Health 1-4, Touch for Health Synthesis, 3 Day Integrated Course for Health -Kinesiologists. KF recognized. Perceptual Bodywork – the TFH route – CK Professional Course.

TFH – www.ikc-info.org 3 day HK – www.kinesiologyfederation.co.uk. Perceptual Bodywork/CK. www.ukkinesiology.com or


I run regular introductory workshops for the general public to promote Positive Health and Wellbeing, to introduce TFH/kinesiology



Sandy Gannon

Modalities used: TFH, AP, NOT, PKP, Vibrational, Cyberkinetics, SIPS, BAPS

Modalities taught: Touch for Health Synthesis, Touch for Health Professional, Vibrational Healing Tools for Kinesiologists, Touch for Health Training Workshop and Dynamic Communication

Other qualifications: Aura-Soma, Healing Tuning Forks, Matrea Healing,  EFT, Journey Work, Sound Essence

Full-time teacher and practitioner of Kinesiology and energy work for several decades.. IKC Faculty for UK; Registrar of IKC Professional School;IKC Executive Board Member; IKFRP with KF; Professional Kinesiologist with IKC

I send out emails on request and list classes on the Kinesiology Federation and IKC web-sites. I also teach at Hawkwood College.  Interested parties should contact me via email.